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Book Review: The Captive Kingdom

by Jennifer A. Nielsen It's been six months since Jaron saved his kingdom and won the war with Avenia. And he's bored. But life won't stay calm for long. During a sea voyage, Jaron's ship is attacked. He and the other's are taken captive by the Prozarians, a group of people thought to be extinct.… Continue reading Book Review: The Captive Kingdom

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Book Review: The Shadow Throne

by Jennifer A. Nieslen War has come to Carthya, with attacks on all sides and allies far away. And Imogen has been captured. Jaron knows that Avenia plans to use her to bring Carthya to her knees, but he can't leave Imogen to them. Besides, he's outsmarted Avenia plenty of times before. This time, though,… Continue reading Book Review: The Shadow Throne

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Book Review: The Runaway King

by Jennifer A. Nielsen Jaron has returned home to his throne as King of Carthya. But not everyone is happy about his return. After an assassination attempt and a warning, Jaron knows that war is coming to Carthya. And the best way to stop it may be to leave the throne. Jaron, reassuming the identity… Continue reading Book Review: The Runaway King

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Book Review: The False Prince

by Jennifer A. Nielsen Sage was just an orphan, busying using his thieving skills to get away with a roast. He had no intention of getting involved in the schemes of nobleman Belvin Connor. But Sage, along with three other orphans, are selected by Connor and taken away to his estate, Farthenwood. The reason Connor… Continue reading Book Review: The False Prince

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September Recap!

Fall is here! Is anyone else excited? I love, love, love Fall. It just makes me happy. I love the temperatures and the colors. I love all of it! But enough about me ranting about how I love Fall. Onto the other stuff! Reading Recap I read five books this month! It was almost six… Continue reading September Recap!