The “Official” About Me

Hailey Huntington loves adventures, and she’s always ready for another one—whether it’s discovering Narnia, traveling across Middle Earth, hiking a mountain in Iceland, or simply going on a walk with her family. 

Aside from adventures, Hailey also loves board games, music, ice cream, laughter, witty characters, fantasy, emojis, and Jesus—though not in that order. She’s had numerous flash fiction stories published, and her work can also be found in select anthologies from Havok Publishing and Twenty Hills Publishing.

You can connect with her on Instagram and Facebook (@haileyhuntingtonauthor), or her website (https://haileyhuntington.com/).   

The “Unoffical” About Me

I’ve dreamed of writing and publishing books for a long time. And even before I had that dream, I was writing stories in my head and acting them out with my toys. So, even though I haven’t necessarily always been a writer, I’ve always been a storyteller. I wrote my first novel in November 2018. You can read my full writing journey/story here.

I love books and own a lot of them. My TBR (to-be-read) is a little intimating when I think about how long it is. And I’m always finding more books to read. My favorite publisher is Enclave Publishing. They’re also my dream publisher should I get traditionally published someday.

I joined the Bookstagram community in 2020, and since then have discovered that I like taking pictures of books and rambling about them. I also love getting to connect with authors and fellow readers and writers over there.

Between both of these introductions, I think you get get a fairly good idea of who I am. I hope you’ll stick around and like it here!

-Hailey Huntington