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Life Doesn’t Have a Roadmap

I wish life had a roadmap or a list of instructions. But it doesn’t.I’m scared of the uncertain, of the unknown. I’m scared of making mistakes or the wrong decision.But if I knew everything that was going to happen, or everything I needed to do, life would lose some of its wonder. And I wouldn’t… Continue reading Life Doesn’t Have a Roadmap

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The Last Cuentista

by Donna Barba Higuera Publisher's Synopsis There lived a girl named Petra Peña, who wanted nothing more than to be a storyteller, like her abuelita. But Petra's world is ending. Earth has been destroyed by a comet, and only a few hundred scientists and their children – among them Petra and her family – have… Continue reading The Last Cuentista

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Dealing with Plot Bunnies

Do you struggle with plot bunnies?I do. 😅 New story ideas love to pop into my head all the time. Some are better than others, of course. But frequently getting new story ideas means that I have to fight to stay focused on my current WIP. Here are some of the ways that I deal… Continue reading Dealing with Plot Bunnies

Book Reviews

Book Review: The Wonderland Trials

by Sara Ella Publisher's Synopsis Solve the clues. Face your fears. Survive the Trials.All Alice Liddell wants is to escape her Normal life in Oxford and find the parents who abandoned her ten years ago. But she gets more than she bargained for when her older sister Charlotte is arrested for having the infamous Wonder… Continue reading Book Review: The Wonderland Trials

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You Don’t Have to Love Every Book

It’s okay to not like a book. As writers and authors, we remind ourselves to focus on our target audience. We aren’t writing for everyone out there. But as readers, we can forget that we aren’t everyone’s target audience. So not every book is for you. You probably don’t enjoy every genre or every trope.… Continue reading You Don’t Have to Love Every Book

Book Reviews

Book Review: Maxine Justice – Galactic Attorney

Publisher's Synopsis Can Justice Save the Earth from Extinction? Maxine Justice is an ambulance-chasing lawyer desperate for relevance and cash when aliens hire her to represent them before the United Nations. An off-planet consortium wants to heal humanity of every natural disease in exchange for 30% of Earth’s gold reserves. The deal launches Max to… Continue reading Book Review: Maxine Justice – Galactic Attorney

Book Reviews

Book Review: The Last Atlantean

by Emily Hayse Publisher's Synopsis "Watch, ye sons of the sea, your doom is at hand. With soundless storm rises the fate of Atlantis." As a lighthouse keeper’s daughter, Hattie has always been able to handle anything the Atlantic throws at her. But when a stranger washes ashore in a storm, she finds herself unraveling… Continue reading Book Review: The Last Atlantean

Book Reviews

Book Review: Activated

by Nova Mcbee Publisher's Synopsis After her exploits in Tunisia, Jo Rivers knows she’ll never lead a normal life. She also can’t move on until she grasps the unexpected evolution of her mathematical gift and confronts her unresolved feelings after meeting Noble. With Kai undercover, Noble is the only one who has the answers Jo… Continue reading Book Review: Activated


Big News!!!

Remember how Dandelion Wishes was a finalist for the Havok Casting Call anthology? Well. . .*dramatic suspense* Dandelion Wishes made it into the anthology!!!You guys. I am seriously so excited and so amazed that this little story of mine is going to be in print! It's going to be in a real book! When I wrote Dandelion Wishes, I had no idea this would… Continue reading Big News!!!