Book Review: Premediated Myrtle

by Elizabeth C. Bunce **Cover image from Goodreads** Myrtle Hardcastle is considered an unusual child by most adults. Being fascinated with science, police investigations, toxicology, and other things considering unfitting of ladies of quality will do that. When Myrtle's neighbor suddenly dies under mysterious circumstances, Myrtle instantly assumes that some sort of foul play is … Continue reading Book Review: Premediated Myrtle

Book Review: The Vanderbeekers, Lost and Found

by Karina Yan Glaser Adventure never seems to leave the Vanderbeekers! As autumn and the start of a new school year roll around, the Vanderbeekers are busy helping Mr. Beiderman prepare for the city marathon and trying to figure out who the mysterious person sleeping the community garden shed is. When the Vanderbeekers do discover … Continue reading Book Review: The Vanderbeekers, Lost and Found