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Book Review: Recorder

by Cathy McCrumb *cover and synopsis from Goodreads* The Consortium is All. But Recorder Can No Longer Obey. Recorder has no family, no friends, and no name. Donated to the Consortium before birth, her sole purpose is to maintain and verify the records. A neural implant and drone ensure compliance, punishing for displays of bias.… Continue reading Book Review: Recorder

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Book Review: Wolf Soldier

by James R. Hannibal *cover and synopsis from Goodreads* The fate of the Dragon Lands are at play The knights of the Lightraider Order disappeared nearly two generations past. Now, the Keledan have withdrawn behind their barriers, and the Dragon Lands of bordering Tanelethar are overrun with dark oppression. The people are living in disobedience… Continue reading Book Review: Wolf Soldier

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Book Review: Operation Grendel

by Daniel Schawbauer *cover and synopsis from publisher* It’s the war story he’s dreamed of. But the battle may cost him his mind. Military journalist Raymin Dahl thinks he’s finally getting the story of a lifetime. Secret peace talks on a remote tropical moon are about to surrender five colonized worlds—and six hundred million civilians—to… Continue reading Book Review: Operation Grendel

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Book Review: Orphan’s Song

by Gillian Bronte Adams *cover and synopsis from publisher* Her solo is a death sentence. Deep within the world of Leira flows a melody that was sung at the beginning of time by Emhran, the Master Singer. Now it is broken, buried, forgotten. But in each generation, a Songkeeper arises to uphold the memory of… Continue reading Book Review: Orphan’s Song

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Book Review: Of Fire and Ash

by Gillian Bronte Adams *cover image and synopsis from Goodreads* She rides a fireborn, a steed of fire and ash, trained for destruction. Ceridwen tal Desmond dreams of ruling like her father over the nation of Soldonia, where warriors ride to battle on magical steeds—soaring on storm winds, vanishing in shadow, quaking the earth, and… Continue reading Book Review: Of Fire and Ash

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Book Review: Shadow

by Kara Swanson *Cover from Goodreads* Peter Pan and Claire have made it to Neverland--but it's not the island they were expecting. After arriving with Captain Hook, Claire finds herself a prisoner upon his pirate ship, forced to watch a shattered Neverland from afar and wonder where her brother is. When Claire manages to escape… Continue reading Book Review: Shadow

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Book Review: Secrets in the Mist

by Morgan L. Busse **cover image from publisher's website** Secrets in the Mist is the first steampunk novel I've ever read. I was super excited when I first learned about Secrets in the Mist because I wanted to read steampunk, but couldn't find any books I thought I'd like. So while I'm talking about steampunk,… Continue reading Book Review: Secrets in the Mist

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Book Review: Swift

by R. J. Anderson Ivy wants two things in life: to be able to fly, and for her mother to return home. But unlike every other piskey, Ivy was born without wings, so she'll never fly. And her mother was stolen away by spriggans and it's unlikely she'll ever be found again. When Ivy's fellow… Continue reading Book Review: Swift

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Book Review: Dust

by Kara Swanson Claire Kenton hates Peter Pan. Ever since her twin brother Connor disappeared, leaving nothing more than a note saying he was with Peter Pan, Claire has despised the boy who never grew up. But Claire can't let herself get caught up in her loathing of Pan. She's busy trying to track down… Continue reading Book Review: Dust


Dust Blog Tour Stop #28

Hello Lost Boys and Girls! How has your time in Neverland been so far? Are you gathering clues to get you closer to that gold? If not, you'd better get started. Remember, you have to outwit Peter and be faster than Claire, all while avoiding that old codfish! If you've missed some of the stops… Continue reading Dust Blog Tour Stop #28