Book Review: The Means That Make Us Strangers

by Christine Kindberg *Cover image and synopsis from Goodreads* Home is where your people are. But who are your people? Adelaide has lived her whole life in rural Ethiopia, where she and her family are the only white people she knows. Then her family moves to South Carolina, in 1964. Adelaide promises she'll return to … Continue reading Book Review: The Means That Make Us Strangers

Book Review: Premediated Myrtle

by Elizabeth C. Bunce **Cover image from Goodreads** Myrtle Hardcastle is considered an unusual child by most adults. Being fascinated with science, police investigations, toxicology, and other things considering unfitting of ladies of quality will do that. When Myrtle's neighbor suddenly dies under mysterious circumstances, Myrtle instantly assumes that some sort of foul play is … Continue reading Book Review: Premediated Myrtle