Books I Loved Growing Up

What were some of your favorite books growing up? Here are some of mine! I don't have specific reviews for most of them, but they're all clean. Have you read any of them? Review for The Giant Slayer


Travel through Books!

Did you get to travel at all this summer? Well, whether you did or didn't, you can always travel through books! Here are some books that can take you around the globe. I don't have reviews for all of the books on the blog yet, but here are the links for: Splinters of Scarlet… Continue reading Travel through Books!


Clean Reads

What’s something you’re passionate about?In the book world, something I’m passionate about is clean reads. Now, what a “clean read” is varies from person to person. So what do I mean by clean reads? Clean reads for me personally don’t have much language in them—both swearing and blasphemy. Clean reads don’t have overly heavy romance… Continue reading Clean Reads

Thoughts About Reading

You Don’t Have to Love Every Book

It’s okay to not like a book. As writers and authors, we remind ourselves to focus on our target audience. We aren’t writing for everyone out there. But as readers, we can forget that we aren’t everyone’s target audience. So not every book is for you. You probably don’t enjoy every genre or every trope.… Continue reading You Don’t Have to Love Every Book