My Writing

Published Stories

I’ve had several flash fiction stories published by Havok Publishing! Most of them are only available to read now with a Havok membership, which is $5 for a year. But I do have some pieces that will always be free to the public.

Mission: Babysitter

The Phoenix’s Guardian

Against the Impossible

For Waffles

The Stars (Free; Magic on the Map series)

In the Clouds (Free; Magic on the Map series)

In Venezia’s Shadows

Unwanted Blessings (The MP Files; Coming July 2023)

Babysitting Supers

Dandelion Wishes


Theater Magic (Free; The MP Files)

Raðljóst (Free)

Vacation Troubles (Free; The MP Files)

Cats of the Hermitage (Coming June 24, Free)


In addition to having stories published online, I have several stories available in print anthologies! Aside from Dandelion Wishes and Cadenza, these stories are exclusive to the anthologies!

Dandelion Wishes (Casting Call)

Love Remembers (Wither and Bloom)

A Poisonous Beauty (Vice and Virtue)

SPINDLE (Perchance to Dream)

Song of the Forest (House Between the Branches – Coming October 2023)

Humans Miss the Obvious (Animal Kingdom)

Noticing (Wither and Bloom hardcover)

Cadenza (Vice and Virtue)

Triple Threat (Wags, Woofs, and Wonders – Coming July 6, 2023)

A Light in the Darkness (untitled freedom anthology – July 2024)

My Current WIP

WIP (whip):

Short for work in progress. Typically used by writers. Often the result of a plot bunny.

Currently, I am busy working on Brontide, a YA fantasy standalone. It has a talking magical cat, a snarky main character, and magical talents.

I started the first draft of Brontide for NaNoWriMo 2021 and finished it in December. Since then, it has undergone several rounds of editing, revising, and rewriting, during which it has changed quite considerably. I hope to submit it to agents and publishers someday!