My Writing

Published Stories

I’ve had several flash fiction stories published by Havok Publishing! Most of them are only available to read now with a Havok membership, which is $5 for a year. But I do have some pieces that will always be free to the public.

Mission: Babysitter

The Phoenix’s Guardian

Against the Impossible

For Waffles

The Stars (Free; Magic on the Map series)

In the Clouds (Free; Magic on the Map series)

Babysitting Supers

Dandelion Wishes


Theater Magic (Free; The MP Files)

Raðljóst (Free)

Vacation Troubles (Free; The MP Files; May 2023)


In addition to having stories published online, I have several stories available in print anthologies! Aside from Dandelion Wishes and Cadenza, these stories are exclusive to the anthologies!

Dandelion Wishes (Casting Call)

Love Remembers (Wither and Bloom)

A Poisonous Beauty (Vice and Virtue – Coming April 28, 2023)

SPINDLE (Perchance to Dream – Coming May 1, 2023)

Song of the Forest (House Between the Branches – Coming October 2023)

Humans Miss the Obvious (Animal Kingdom)

Noticing (Wither and Bloom hardcover)

Cadenza (Vice and Virtue – Coming April 28, 2023)

Triple Threat (Wags, Woofs, and Wonders – Coming July 6, 2023)

My Current WIP

WIP (whip):

Short for work in progress. Typically used by writers. Often the result of a plot bunny.

Currently, I am busy working on Brontide, the first book in a YA fantasy duology. It’s sort of The Luck Child meets The Twelve Dancing Princesses.

I started the first draft of Brontide for NaNoWriMo 2021 and finished it in December. After giving myself a short break from the story, I’ve been hard at work editing and rewriting it. I’m hoping to start submitting to agents and publishers by the end of 2023 (refining a rough draft to something publishable takes a long time 😅).