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Book Review: The Shadow Throne

by Jennifer A. Nieslen

War has come to Carthya, with attacks on all sides and allies far away. And Imogen has been captured. Jaron knows that Avenia plans to use her to bring Carthya to her knees, but he can’t leave Imogen to them. Besides, he’s outsmarted Avenia plenty of times before.

This time, though, nothing goes right. Will Jaron be able to survive the war without breaking in the process? What will he loose along the way? How far will he go to protect his people? Will he even have a kingdom left when it’s all over?

The Shadow Throne picks up right where The Runaway King ends. And it doesn’t let the action drop for a moment.

As always, Nielsen has twists and turns sprinkled throughout the novel, keeping the reader guessing and learning new things.

And of course, the characters and dialogue are still great. Even though The Shadow Throne has a little bit of a more somber feel at times, Jaron’s wit is always amazing. There are also some really wonderful lines sprinkled throughout.

Because the entire novel takes pace during a war, there is more violence in The Shadow Throne than the rest of the series, but it is all still brief and non-graphic.

Since The Ascendance Series was originally a trilogy, The Shadow Throne concludes everything nicely, while still leaving room for more to be explored, which does happen in the rest of the series after The Shadow Throne.

Cautions: brief, non-graphic, moderate-heavy violence; light romance; three kisses

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