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Book Review: Activated

by Nova Mcbee Publisher's Synopsis After her exploits in Tunisia, Jo Rivers knows she’ll never lead a normal life. She also can’t move on until she grasps the unexpected evolution of her mathematical gift and confronts her unresolved feelings after meeting Noble. With Kai undercover, Noble is the only one who has the answers Jo… Continue reading Book Review: Activated

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Blog Tour for In the Glorious Fields!

I'm super excited to get to be a part of the blog tour for In the Glorious Fields by Emily Hayse today! In the Glorious Fields is the third and final book in The Knights of Tin and Lead trilogy, a YA fantasy western retelling of Arthurian lore. You guys, this series is super good.… Continue reading Blog Tour for In the Glorious Fields!

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Book Review: Cold-Blooded Myrtle

by Elizabeth C. Bunce publisher's synopsis Twelve-year-old Young Lady of Quality and Victorian amateur detective Myrtle Hardcastle returns, and now she’s on the trail of a serial killer in her hometown of Swinburne. When Mr. Leighton, proprietor of Leighton’s Mercantile, is found dead on the evening his annual Christmas shop display is to be unveiled, it’s… Continue reading Book Review: Cold-Blooded Myrtle

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Book Review: Torch

by R.J. Anderson publisher's synopsis How do you fight fire without fire? When a freak storm uncovers the entrance to a mysterious underground chamber, Ivy and Martin expect to find treasure. But what they discover is even more valuable: a barrow full of sleeping spriggans, magically preserved for centuries. With the vengeful piskey queen Betony determined… Continue reading Book Review: Torch

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Book Review: The Winter Charlatan

by Victoria McCombs publisher's synopsis A Queen raised in the shadows, and a Fraud Prince who needs her help. The sole heir to the kingdom is destined to sleep for a hundred years. To hide this liability, the queen left her cursed daughter in the care of a trusted lord, while taking his son as… Continue reading Book Review: The Winter Charlatan

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Book Review: The Shadow Throne

by Jennifer A. Nieslen War has come to Carthya, with attacks on all sides and allies far away. And Imogen has been captured. Jaron knows that Avenia plans to use her to bring Carthya to her knees, but he can't leave Imogen to them. Besides, he's outsmarted Avenia plenty of times before. This time, though,… Continue reading Book Review: The Shadow Throne

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Book Review: Take the Key and Lock Her Up

by Ally Carter Grace Blakely is a princess on the run, hiding from her enemies to save her life. But Grace is also a sister. And if giving herself up means that her brother is safe, she'll do it, even if it means working with people she can't trust. However, Grace isn't just going to… Continue reading Book Review: Take the Key and Lock Her Up