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Blog Tour for In the Glorious Fields!

I'm super excited to get to be a part of the blog tour for In the Glorious Fields by Emily Hayse today! In the Glorious Fields is the third and final book in The Knights of Tin and Lead trilogy, a YA fantasy western retelling of Arthurian lore. You guys, this series is super good.… Continue reading Blog Tour for In the Glorious Fields!

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Book Review: Torch

by R.J. Anderson publisher's synopsis How do you fight fire without fire? When a freak storm uncovers the entrance to a mysterious underground chamber, Ivy and Martin expect to find treasure. But what they discover is even more valuable: a barrow full of sleeping spriggans, magically preserved for centuries. With the vengeful piskey queen Betony determined… Continue reading Book Review: Torch

Book Reviews

Book Review: Nomad

by R.J. Anderson publisher's synopsis Cast into exile, she must return to free her people. Banished from her underground home by Betony, the queen of the Cornish piskeys, young Ivy sets out to forge a new life for herself in the world above. But a deadly threat lingers in the mine, and Ivy cannot bear… Continue reading Book Review: Nomad

Book Reviews

Book Review: Swift

by R. J. Anderson Ivy wants two things in life: to be able to fly, and for her mother to return home. But unlike every other piskey, Ivy was born without wings, so she'll never fly. And her mother was stolen away by spriggans and it's unlikely she'll ever be found again. When Ivy's fellow… Continue reading Book Review: Swift