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Book Review: The False Prince

by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Sage was just an orphan, busying using his thieving skills to get away with a roast. He had no intention of getting involved in the schemes of nobleman Belvin Connor.

But Sage, along with three other orphans, are selected by Connor and taken away to his estate, Farthenwood. The reason Connor needs them is far from honorable and fraught with deceit. He wants to fool an entire kingdom. He wants to make an orphan a prince.

However, Farthenwood is full of lies, more than just the ones required by Connor’s plan. In the end though, truth will come to light. And only one boy can be the prince.

It’s impossible for me to pick a favorite book. But if you ask me to pick my top five books, this one is on it.

To just get it out there, I love The Ascendance Series and The False Prince. It is seriously an amazing book. If I got to choose a book to be able to read for the first time again, I’d be tempted to choose this one. There are so many awesome twists and turns throughout the plot, and I’d love to be able to experience them all again for the first time.

But enough of me fangirling. Time for some more coherent thoughts about the book.

The characters are amazing. Sage has one of my favorite character voices. Seriously, his snark is awesome. And all of the other characters are wonderful too. Their dynamics play so well together. And there are some really amazing lines.

Like I said above, I love the plot of this book. Nielsen puts in so many twists in turns, as well as not quite telling the reader everything that’s going on.

The False Prince also perfectly sets up the rest of the series. Funny story: The first time I read The False Prince, I missed that I was a series and thought it was a standalone. I was slightly crushed when I finished it because I just wanted more of the characters and the plot. So I was very, very happy when my sister pointed out that it said book one on it.

If you haven’t read The False Prince yet, go read it. And then read the rest of the series.

Cautions: mentions of cursing; light romance; brief, non-graphic moderate violence

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