January Recap

I joined the Havok Hive at the beginning of January! The Hive is the volunteer staff who help run Havok. I’m in the marketing division, so helping run the social media and designing the graphics we use. I’m really enjoying getting to be a part of the staff. 

And in other Havok news, I’ll have two more stories coming out with Havok in March! I’ll be sending out reminders to my newsletter when the stories are published, so sign up if you don’t want to miss them!

I’m also signed up for Realm Makers 2022! If you don’t know what Realm Makers is, it is a Christian speculative fiction writers conference, and it’s great. This will be my fourth Realm Makers, and I can’t wait for it. Plus, a bunch of my friends will be there. I also signed up for a critique with Sharon Hinck, so I’m excited to get her feedback on my novel.

And now to actually talk about my writing. 

I started reading through Brontide to do content edits on it! I’m still feeling pretty good about it, even after seeing its flaws. The biggest problems that I’ve noticed so far are motivation, or lack thereof, and character inconsistencies. After doing my first pass at a content edit, I’m going to get some beta reads. My long-term goal is to pitch Brontide next year. I also worked on some short stories but didn’t finish any of them. I couldn’t really get into them, but I plan on coming back and finishing them at some point. I don’t like unfinished projects. 

And that’s my January recap! How was your month? 🙂

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