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Writing Light

Light and darkness. It’s something I think about as a Christian writer.

We live in a sinful world. We live in darkness. And we need light. We need a Savior. We need the Light of the World.

Stories are a unique way of communicating truths to a person and making them think about something. As a Christian, I want to glorify God in my writing, and to write truth into my stories. I want to show light and darkness, and how light will always overcome in the end, even if it doesn’t look like it will.

Sometimes, figuring out how to write about darkness and light is tricky. Sometimes, I just want to write purely happy stories. And sometimes I do. But I also want to write hard stories. I want to write stories that showcase light shining in darkness, battles being fought and won.

And so my prayer for my stories is that God would use them to touch people, to bring a little bit of light to them.

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