Book Reviews

I love reading. That is the short answer.

And here’s the long answer. I love reading. But there are a lot of books out there in the world with objectionable content in them. Navigating the literary waters can be tricky, and I would like to help you out! You can find lists of the books I’ve read and reviewed the YA and MG Reviews tabs. Click on a title to learn about the plot and anything inside that you might not like. Something to note is that I am still very cautious in my reading. I read clean books, and therefore this will be a list of clean books.

But “clean” varies from reader to reader. Someone might tell me that a book they read is clean, when I wouldn’t define it as clean. So what do I call clean?

Clean books for me have minimal swearing. Typically I read books with no language to under five words. I also try to read books without blasphemy. Clean books for me have no sexual content. I also try to avoid books with a strong romance plot line. While a romance subplot can be nice, I don’t need to read an entire book about a boy and a girl being in love. Clean books for me do not have excessive violence in them or graphic descriptions. I do realize that this is a harder category to pin down since everyone is affected differently by violence, but I am pretty sure that this is an accurate guideline. Clean books for me are not filled with modern agendas. I don’t read books about trans-gender, LGBT, and the like.

Now, clean books for me can include magic. To be honest, I love magic systems. They can add so much to a book. However, I don’t read dark magic or magic where the lines of good and evil are blurred. For instance, I don’t read Harry Potter books. I know there is a lot of discussion about the magic in them, but that is a discussion for another time. But I do realize that not everyone is comfortable with any magic at all. So, you will find that I note whether or not a book has magic in it.

I said above that navigating the literary waters is tricky. And it gets a lot harder as you get older. And that is why a lot of the books you will find on here are middle school novels. Despite being a teenager, I read few mainstream YA novels because of the content in them. Most of the YA novels that I’ll review are going to either be from Christian publishing houses, or be published by authors I feel safe reading.

So in a book review I will summarize the plot, talk about what I enjoyed or disliked from a literary perspective, and give any cautions about the book since everyone has different “clean” levels.

Now, please keep one thing in mind as you read these reviews: I am human. And that means that I make mistakes. That means that I might forget about a violent scene, or somehow miss reading a swear word. While I will do my best to make these reviews details, I cannot guarantee that I will catch everything.

And that’s it! Happy reading trails!