Fairy Tale Recommendations

Do you love fairy tales? I do! 😄 Here are a couple fairy tale retellings that I've read and enjoyed. I don't have specific reviews for most of them, but all of them are clean! Review for Dust

Book Reviews

Book Review: Dust

by Kara Swanson Claire Kenton hates Peter Pan. Ever since her twin brother Connor disappeared, leaving nothing more than a note saying he was with Peter Pan, Claire has despised the boy who never grew up. But Claire can't let herself get caught up in her loathing of Pan. She's busy trying to track down… Continue reading Book Review: Dust


Dust Blog Tour Stop #28

Hello Lost Boys and Girls! How has your time in Neverland been so far? Are you gathering clues to get you closer to that gold? If not, you'd better get started. Remember, you have to outwit Peter and be faster than Claire, all while avoiding that old codfish! If you've missed some of the stops… Continue reading Dust Blog Tour Stop #28