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Book Review: Dream of Kings

by Sharon Hinck

publisher’s synopsis:

The Future Never Sleeps

In the glacial nation of Norgard, Jolan the Dream Teller serves every seeker, whether peasant or high lord. Though she loves using her gift, she struggles to navigate the corrupt and dangerous court and the jealousies of the Guildagard.

When an old man’s nightmare imparts a dire warning, Jolan realizes her entire nation is in danger. But before she can sound the alarm, she is betrayed by the guilds and sold into slavery in a rival kingdom far to the south. 

As a slave in a foreign land, at first Jolan can’t see beyond her singular focus: return home to warn Norgard of the coming calamity. After facing new dangers, making new friends, and forgiving old wrongs, she must fulfill the purposes the Provider has set before her.

Only then can she face a decision that could cost her the man she loves, her calling, and her freedom—all to save a people who abandoned her. 

Some Things I Liked:

-Hinck has created a fun cast of characters, with some that you can’t help but like.

-As with her other novels, Hinck writes Truth and biblical themes into her novel without it feeling forced or preachy.

What Wasn’t My Favorite:

-Jolan and Kamor’s relationship felt a little off at one point. It felt like they mutually didn’t really like each other, and then all of the sudden they both really respected and liked each other. It was like a switch was flipped. Though it’s possible that I missed a gradual change in their relationship.

Other Thoughts:

-Because Dream of Kings is a fantasy retelling of Joseph, the main plot isn’t a surprise. But Hinck added enough subplots and other elements to keep the story from being too predictable.

-I would have liked to explore more of the worldbuilding. While reading, it’s clear that Hinck did some deep worldbuilding for the novel, but the story mainly takes place in only one country, and the other places are only really referenced. Also, there were some worldbuilding things that were confusing at first, but that might have just been me. I read Dream of Kings during a mentally exhausting week. 😅


If you’re a fan of Sharon Hinck’s other novels or retellings of biblical stories, check out Dream of Kings!

Cautions: several kisses; light romance; light violence *

*it’s been a little bit since I finished Dream of Kings, so I may have missed a caution

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