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Book Review: Wolf Soldier

by James R. Hannibal

publisher’s synopsis


The fate of the Dragon Lands are at play

The knights of the Lightraider Order disappeared nearly two generations past. Now, the Keledan have withdrawn behind their barriers, and the Dragon Lands of bordering Tanelethar are overrun with dark oppression. The people are living in disobedience to the Rescuer who freed them long ago.

A shepherd boy, Connor Enarian, and four young initiates rekindle the fires of the Lightraider Order in the hope of striking out across the mountains into the Tanelethar to destroy a portal and stop an impending invasion.

Once in the Dragon Lands, Connor learns that the key to success lies with a missing Lightraider spy and his lifelong companion, a talking silver wolf. Can Connor and his friends find the spy before the portal grows too large to destroy? Or will a local young woman—or Connor’s own family history—betray them?

The dangers and secrets of Tanelethar test both trust and loyalty, and to save his homeland, Connor may have to sacrifice his innermost dreams.

(It’s been a little bit since I actually finished Wolf Soldier, so I’m sorry if my thoughts are more scattered and vague than normal)

Wolf Soldier was a great fantasy read. It actually reminded me of “old” fantasy novels–not old in the sense of boring or outdated, but “old” in the sense that it reminded me of the types of fantasy stories I first read that included a band of heroes and classic fantasy creatures. I feel like you don’t find too many of those stories published nowadays, so it was fun and refreshing to read one. Don’t get me wrong–I love new and unique fantasy settings and creatures, but it was fun to read a “classic” story with an unlikely hero and standard fantasy creatures like kobolds and dragons. Also, I’m sorry if you found this entire paragraph confusing.

I liked all of the characters. Hannibal did a great job of rounding out the cast with characters who played off of each other with different strengths and weaknesses.

The worldbuilding was nice. While it had the classic fantasy creatures like I said above, it didn’t feel cliche, and Hannibal also wove in some of his own unique elements to the world.

The allegorical elements of the story were done really well and were woven into the story and worldbuilding in such a way that they didn’t feel preachy or awkward.

The plot was nice and paced well. And I’m excited about what will happen next to Connor and the rest of the group!

If you’re looking for a good fantasy read, consider Wolf Soldier!

Cautions: non-graphic violence *

*Because it’s been a while since I finished Wolf Soldier, I may have forgotten a caution. But this is all I remember.

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