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Book Review: Radiant

by Ashley Bustamante

publisher’s synopsis

Secrets Come in Every Shade
After the introduction of Yellow magic in a society accustomed to only Red and Blue magic, the world inside the barrier has become more complicated than anyone imagined. Ava, Elm, and the former students of Prism navigate life in hiding. They face discord, secrets, betrayal, and danger that looms ever closer as the Benefactors narrow in on their hideaway.

Ava is determined to keep everyone protected, even at the cost of her own safety. She explores dangerous aspects of her new Mentalist abilities—against Elm’s dire warnings.
Tensions escalate when a new visitor arrives claiming to know a way out of the barrier. While this may be the only way to escape the Benefactors, what awaits them on the outside? Will they gain allies or make an entirely new set of enemies?

After the events of Vivid, Ava and Elm find themselves the leaders of a small band of rebel students, ready to fight for a united Magus where Yellow is accepted.

Radiant introduces several new side characters, and it was fun to get to know them. Some of the new characters were more developed than others. I was a little annoyed by the new love triangle, but Bustamante didn’t make it a huge thing, which I was thankful for.

I liked how Bustamante showed Selene’s motivation for what she does, rounding out her character and adding more depth and believability to the story. I hope she continues to expand this more in the third book.

Like Vivid, Raidant is a little slower-paced than other fantasy or dystopian novels tend to be, but it didn’t feel like it dragged at all. Just know that if you’re looking for a fast-paced read, this won’t be it.

There was a part of the climax that felt a tad too easy, though it sort of made sense, and also allowed what needed to happen. The ending has me very curious about what’s going to happen next. I have a feeling that Bustamante’s got another plot twist up her sleeve, and readers still don’t know the full story of what’s going on.

Cautions: moderate romance; four kisses; two instance of “coarser” language; non-graphic moderate violence

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