Clean Reads

What’s something you’re passionate about?

In the book world, something I’m passionate about is clean reads. Now, what a “clean read” is varies from person to person. So what do I mean by clean reads?

Clean reads for me personally don’t have much language in them—both swearing and blasphemy. Clean reads don’t have overly heavy romance or any sexual content. Clean reads don’t have graphic, gory, or glorified violence. Clean reads for me don’t promote agendas that go against the Bible.

In today’s culture, especially in the secular market, it can feel really hard to find clean books to read. There are so many books out there—some of which that sound super good—that have content I don’t want to read. I want to be careful and wise about what I am filling my mind with. But clean books are out there. And that’s what I want to read.

If you love clean reads and are looking for books, you can check out my book reviews (under the “Books” tab)! I provide a content warning at the end of each one. And if you have a question about something, just leave a comment! I’ll do my best to give an answer and help. 🙂

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