Thoughts About Reading

You Don’t Have to Love Every Book

It’s okay to not like a book.

As writers and authors, we remind ourselves to focus on our target audience. We aren’t writing for everyone out there. But as readers, we can forget that we aren’t everyone’s target audience.

So not every book is for you. You probably don’t enjoy every genre or every trope. And even within genres and tropes you like, you probably won’t enjoy every book featuring them. And it’s okay to not.

You don’t have to like all the bestselling books. You don’t have to like all the books your friends love. I know that there are certain books that my friends rave about that weren’t my favorite.

And as a reading community, let’s recognize the fact that every book isn’t for everyone. And it’s okay if someone dislikes a book you adore. Treat them with kindness and respect.

So give yourself permission to DNF a book if you need to. It’s okay to write a 3 star “it was okay” review. Don’t feel the pressure to have to love every book you read.

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