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Book Review: The Last Atlantean

by Emily Hayse

Publisher’s Synopsis

“Watch, ye sons of the sea, your doom is at hand. With soundless storm rises the fate of Atlantis.”

As a lighthouse keeper’s daughter, Hattie has always been able to handle anything the Atlantic throws at her. But when a stranger washes ashore in a storm, she finds herself unraveling a mystery that will change her life.

Caught up in a high-stakes game of intrigue and hidden loyalties, Hattie watches legends take shape before her eyes. But as kings and pawns prepare for a showdown that will determine the fate of an ancient world, she wonders whether she has thrown in her lot with the hero or the villain.

What I Liked:

-Emily has a fresh take on Atlantis. Now, I haven’t read many books with Atlantis as a setting, but Emily’s felt very unique, and it was clear that she had done a ton of worldbuilding, even if it wasn’t all shown in the pages. Honestly, I kind of want to read more books set in Atlantis so I can explore it more.

-The story has a very lore/legend-esq feeling to it, which was neat.

-As always, I really like Emily’s writing style. It’s different than what you find in most books, and it’s refreshing to read.

-All of the characters were unique and different from each other.

What I Struggled With:

-The scenes felt a little bit like snapshots, mainly towards the beginning. But it makes sense since Emily had to cover a decent chunk of time in not a lot of chapters.

-I never really got super sucked into the plot or really invested in the characters. Now, this could be my fault since I was juggling a couple of other reads while I was reading The Last Atlantean. The plot also is slower-paced. It doesn’t drag, but that could have also contributed to the fact that I was never gripped by the story. All of that said though, I was still able to enjoy the book.

Final Thoughts:

While not my favorite of her books (that title belongs to The Knights of Tin and Lead trilogy), The Last Atlantean is another solid novel from Emily Hayse.

Cautions: several kisses; light romance; brief, non-graphic violence

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