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Book Review: Heir of Elriyon

by K. Michele Moseley

publisher’s synopsis

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Aenya’s destiny could cost her freedom.

After years of compulsory training to become an elite warrior, sixteen-year-old Aenya plans to run away with her friend Lewin. However, her plans crumble when she is chosen to be Elriyon’s new figurehead and wife to the future ruler, Rieve.

But Aenya has a secret: she is a Darcara—one chosen by elusive dragon-like beings, the Dargun, to receive the wisdom that once governed her people.

When the current rulers decide to stop a growing rebellion by killing the remaining Dargun, Aenya flees to Elriyon’s mysterious interior. Still, the Dargun’s words burn into her mind. They have a new task for her: return to her people and speak the truth, no matter the cost.

With escape close at hand, Aenya must choose between a dangerous calling, or finally being free.

Full confession: It’s been a while since I finished Heir of Elriyon, so my thoughts are a little fuzzy. But onto the review. Because my memories are a little vague, I’m just going to walk to the various story elements.

The worldbuilding was neat. Moseley had a fresh and unique take on both dragons (Dargun) and elves, which isn’t easily done. The color visions that the Dargun sent were neat.

The characters were well-done. I loved the adoptive brother/sister relationship between Aeyna and Lewin. And Rieve was great.

The plot was good. There was one point where Aeyna’s consistent resistance of the Darguns’ plan that did start to feel repetitive and start to grate on me a little.

The audiobook narrator did a very nice job, giving everyone unique voices and adding accents to enhance the story. It was a very nice book to listen to.

Cautions: brief, semi-graphic violence; light romance*

*It’s been a while since I finished Heir of Elriyon, so I may have forgotten a caution.

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