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World Diver Book Tour!

I am super excited to get to be part of the book tour for World Diver by Haylie Hanson today!

World Diver is the first book in the Luminaut Trilogy, a YA urban fantasy series from Uncommon Universes Press. Before I get into my review of World Diver, here is some quick info about the book!

College, grades, extracurriculars–who cares? Sixteen-year-old slacker Callie James would rather make robot creations and surf waves with her best friend Will. Then she discovers a mysterious glowing rod under the ocean surface, and her entire world turns upside down.

One, her hands start glowing (weird). Two, she can now control people (awkward). Three, she accidentally brings her robotics project to life. Classes were hard enough without her robot Nemo literally eating her homework.

Only the reclusive Dr. Ormandi knows the truth: Callie is a Luminaut (aka a light wizard) and it’s her destiny to reunite the shattered multiverse by collecting all the Light Cores (aka the glowstick of doom) in all the other worlds. To do this, she must repair the World Diver, the fifty-foot tall robot lurking in Dr. Ormandi’s basement hangar.

As Callie learns about her Luminaut powers, Nate crash lands into her life. He’s hot. Funny. Crazy about her. One problem: he’s technically dead. Oh, and he insists uniting the multiverse will destroy everything.

Pursued by murderous interdimensional phantoms and plagued by insecurities, Callie must protect her family and friends, while figuring out who to trust.

And all before a deadly, looming evil snuffs out her Light for good. 

And, as always, here are all of the links for World Diver!



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Haylie’s Website




All right, now that all of those links are taken care off, it’s time for a book review!

World Diver was a really fun read.

I loved Callie’s voice. She had a fabulous wit and snark. And we all know that I love snarky characters. I also thought it was neat that Callie is interested in STEM since it isn’t super prevalent in books. The rest of the characters were well-developed and interesting as well. I would have liked to see a little bit more of Callie’s family though.

Also, Nemo. I need a Nemo. And after you read World Diver, you will want a Nemo too. I mean, he might shred your notebooks, but who wouldn’t want an adorable little robot?

Haylie doesn’t make things easy for Callie, who has to juggle the ordinary stresses of life in addition to learning that she’s a Luminaut. The subplots are done well and are connected to the main plot. Though I do have to confess, I wasn’t super interested in the high school/relationship drama but it didn’t turn me off from the book.

Because of the differing advice from Nate and Dr. Ormandi, Haylie had me guessing at what was going to happen and trying to figure out who was telling the truth.

Just be warned: World Diver does end on a pretty big cliff hanger. I’m excited to see what Haylie does in the next book, especially as far as world building goes. I have a hunch that it will be pretty cool.

Cautions: five instances of “coarser” language; light/moderate romance; four kisses; a character is believed to be a ghost; mention of underage drinking

Today is the last day of the World Diver book tour, but if you want to catch up on the rest of the book tour, you can find the links to the various stops here!

Happy reading!

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