Book Reviews

Book Review: The Adventure’s Guide to Successful Escapes

by Wade Albert White

publisher’s synopsis

“Is there such a thing as too much adventure?

Anne is about to find out. She’s spent most of her thirteen years scrubbing dirty hallways and laboring in dark mines at Saint Lupin’s orphanage, dreaming of finding her true home and of becoming an adventurer alongside her best friend, Penelope. Her dreams finally seem within reach… until Anne is denied her rightful ticket out of Saint Lupin’s.

Determined to leave the (possibly evil) Matron and a life of chores behind, Anne’s daring escape plan takes a surprising turn when a mysterious dragon medallion fuses to her hand. Now tasked with a Rightful Heir quest, Anne, Penelope, and their new questing partner, Hiro, have just days to solve unsolvable riddles and triumph over undefeatable foes–or face the horrible consequences.”

I originally didn’t pick up this book to read. I picked up the third book in the series. Then I went back and got this book. After all, I couldn’t just jump in at the third book. Things don’t work like that. So I went back to the library and got this book.

The characters, world-building, and humor in the novel were enjoyable. The plot didn’t have me totally gripped, but it was still a nice read. The world-building blend of technology and magick was unique.

Cautions: mild violence

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