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Writer, stop comparing yourself.I think there are few things that kill creativity as quickly as comparison does. Yet we writers compare ourselves all the time. Word counts, publications, followers—we compare it all.We need to stop. Comparison can grow imposter syndrome, cause discouragement, and possibly create tension between writers. It can lead us to jealousy, which… Continue reading Comparison

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_____ Is Hard

Recently, I finished my first read-through of Brontide and started my first round of content (big picture) edits. Today, I hit the "I can't do this" wall. The problems feel overwhelming. I'm not sure if any of my ideas of how to fix them are any good. At my current speed, it seems like I'll… Continue reading _____ Is Hard

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Keeping a Writing Mindset When You Can’t Actually Write

If you've been around here lately, you probably already know that due to the current business of my life, I've haven't been writing lately. Words have not been going down on paper. However, I've been doing my best to keep myself in the writing mindset. I don't want to return to writing and then suddenly… Continue reading Keeping a Writing Mindset When You Can’t Actually Write