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Writer, stop comparing yourself.

I think there are few things that kill creativity as quickly as comparison does. Yet we writers compare ourselves all the time. Word counts, publications, followers—we compare it all.

We need to stop. Comparison can grow imposter syndrome, cause discouragement, and possibly create tension between writers. It can lead us to jealousy, which is sin. Comparison isn’t healthy.

No two writing journeys look the same. Yes, we writers are all headed roughly the same place (publication), but we’ll get there in different ways and at different times. Comparison can rob us of the joys of our individual path, and the chance to support others on their path.

So I want to challenge you, fellow writer. Next time you’re tempted to compare something, stop. Rather, be glad for your friend and the success that they’re having. And be thankful and content where you are in your journey.

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