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Writing Resource: Save the Cat! Writes a Novel

by Jessica Brody SAVE THE CAT!® by Blake Snyder is a popular screenwriting book series and storytelling methodology used by screenwriters, directors, and studio execs across Hollywood. Now, for the first time ever, bestselling author and writing teacher, Jessica Brody, takes the beloved Save the Cat! plotting principals and applies them to the craft of… Continue reading Writing Resource: Save the Cat! Writes a Novel

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The Three Types of Plotters

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who write books and those who don't. And of those who write books, there are three types of people: the pantsers, the plotters, and the plantsers. Now, you are probably scratching your head, and wondering what all of that means. Pantser, plotter, and plantser all… Continue reading The Three Types of Plotters