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Book Review: The Electrical Menagerie

by Mollie E. Reeder

publisher’s synopsis

he Electrical Menagerie, one-of-a-kind robotic roadshow, is bankrupt.

Sylvester Carthage, illusionist and engineer, has the eccentric imagination the Menagerie needs to succeed creatively — but none of the people skills. Fast-talking Arbrook Huxley, meanwhile, has all the savvy the Menagerie needs to succeed commercially — but none of the scruples.

To save their show, Carthage & Huxley stake everything in a royal talent competition, vying for the once-in-a-lifetime chance to perform for the Future Celestial Queen. In this stardust-and-spark-powered empire of floating islands and flying trains, the Menagerie’s bid at fame and fortune means weathering the glamorous and cutthroat world of critics, high society, and rival magicians — but with real conspiracy lurking beneath tabloid controversy, there’s more at stake in this contest than the prize.

Behind the glittery haze of flash paper and mirrors, every competitor has something to hide… and it’s the lies Carthage & Huxley tell each other that may cost them everything.

The Electrical Menagerie sparkles with stardust. This was my second time reading the novel, and it was just as magical as the first.

Carthage and Huxley are an amazing dynamic duo. They’re both well-rounded, endearing characters on their own. But together–these showmen shine. They foil and complement each other perfectly. I loved Carthage’s sense of whimsy and magic. And Huxley, the smooth-talker he is, had me chuckling several times.

Aside from the characters you’ll instantly adore, the plot and setting are a unique and captivating blend of steampunk, mystery, and circus magic. You’ll soon be left wishing that you could witness one of the Electrical’s Menagerie’s robotic shows in person as you eagerly read to find out what happens next.

The Electrical Menagerie is a stunning novel, and I sincerely hope that Circus of Disasters comes out soon–I can’t wait to read more about Carthage and Huxley.

Cautions: light romance; non-graphic violence

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