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Book Review: When You Found Me

by Anna Augustine

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When You Found Me is a novella collection featuring three stories centered around the three princes of Allura and the women they fall in love with.

The first story centers on Nicholas and Della, the second on Collins and Sage, and the last is finally centers on Benjamin and Aurora. While all three novellas have separate plots, Anna does a great job of connecting the novellas and maintaining a continuous overall story flow.

Each novella has two points of view, which adds up to six points of view in the collection. That runs the risk of having character voices sound together, but Anna gives each character their own distinct voice.

There were a few things that I had believability questions about, but that didn’t ruin the stories. They also might have been things that weren’t explained more due to the stories being novellas.

My favorite novella out of the three was the one focused on Benjamin and Aurora. I enjoy the marriage of convenience trope and watching the couple fall in love.

When You Found Me touches on Biblical themes and pulls slightly on biblical stories, which was fun to see.

While I haven’t read much of Melanie Dickerson’s work, When You Found Me has a similar feel to her books and will most likely satisfy Dickerson’s fans looking for more light romances.

Also, since each of the stories is a novella, When You Found Me may be a good fit for those who want to read but don’t necessarily have the time to be able to finish a full-length novel.

I also do feel the need to preface that I don’t normally read romance-centered novels, so I’m not necessarily Anna’s target audience, which may have been why I didn’t enjoy When You Found Me as much as some of the other readers. But it was a fun read.

Content warnings: several kisses; mentions of a man abusing/assaulting women; some moderate/heavy, non-graphic violence

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