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Book Review: See How They Run

by Ally Carter

Grace Blakely found out the truth about her mother’s death. And now she hates herself.

While Grace is trying to figure out what to do about the new secrets she learning and how to process the past, her brother Jamie comes to Embassy Row, bringing a friend, Spence, along.

At a party off the coast of Adria, Alexi and Spence get into a heated fight. The next morning, Spence is found dead. The suspect? Alexi.

Grace knows that Alexi didn’t kill Spence. But she has to find out who did. And she has a suspicion that all the secrets and the past may be tied to what’s happening in the present.

Just like in All Fall Down, Carter crafts a novels with plenty of twists and turns. And fair warning, the ending will leave you hanging.

I loved getting to see the relationship between Jamie and Grace. I love when siblings have a tight bond in books. As in the first book, I just hurt so much for Grace and her hurts and scars. Also, Dominic is pretty awesome.

It did bug me a little in this book and the last one how easy it seemed to sneak into various embassies. It seems a little unbelievable.

See How They Run is a fulfilling sequel to All Fall Down, perfectly set up for the final novel in the series.

Cautions: Two kisses; moderate romance; brief, non-graphic, moderate violence

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