Book Reviews

Book Review: Wrath of the Storm

by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Nic Calva has two of the three magical amulets of the Roman gods, and he knows where the stone that can become the Jupiter Stone, the last and most powerful of the amulets, is hidden. And that means that Rome, the Praetors, and the gods aren’t done with him yet.

Nic must find a way to stop the dragon called the Mistress before she can finish the Praetor war, give the goddess Diana the power she dreams of, and destroy Rome.

But the Mistress isn’t going to go down easily, and she will involve anyone close to Nic in the battle if it means that he will make her a Jupiter Stone.

But, as always, there is always more to people, whether friend or foe, than meets the eye. And Nic isn’t the only one who has caught the attention of the gods.

Jennifer A. Nielsen definitely knows how to set up a giant climax. After the end of Rise of the Wolf, everything seems set up for disaster with victory being impossible. The main characters must try to beat the very long odds.

As always in Nielsen’s books, the characters and plot are great.

Like in the last book, I enjoyed the further character development and growth. I did wish that Livia, Crispus, and Nic’s mom got some more time on the page and a little bit larger of an arc.

Another thing aspect I really like was how Nielsen plays with reader expectations, and creates a strong, shocking climax because of that fact.

The book ends on a note that, while concluding the story, leaves the reader with a hint that makes them wish they could know more about what happens to Nic and the others.

Cautions: mild romance; two kisses; moderate, non-graphic violence

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