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“Vice and Virtue” is now available!

Havok Publishing’s latest anthology releases today! 🥳

The Vice and Virtue anthology features thirty-one of the best stories published during the six-month season, as well as seventeen new stories found only in the anthology!

I am honored to have two stories in this anthology. My story Cadenza is one of the thirty-one anthology winners, and A Poisonous Beauty is exclusive to the anthology.

Cadenza is a musical tale about overcoming fear and living, which one reader described as “magical, haunting, therapeutic….” Other readers said, “Oh, this gave me chills and made me tear up,” and, “Oh, my goodness, what an absolutely gorgeous, touching story. I loved this so, so much. Bravo and bravo!”

Needless to say, I’m pretty proud of this little story and amazed by how it has touched people.

A Poisonous Beauty is a Snow White retelling. . . though the ending might not be what you expected. 😏

You can order a copy of the anthology here! There are some amazing stories featured. Plus, tomorrow is the last day to get the limited Vice and Virtue Havok merch! Check it out.

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