Sometimes, it’s hard to keep going, to keep writing. Discouragement and doubts rage. You don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Maybe you should just quit, you keep thinking to yourself. 

Dear friend, press onward. Find someone you won’t let you just give up. 

Imposter syndrome and writing doubts have been a huge struggle of mine. I’ve thought about giving up writing more times than I can count on my fingers. 

But my mom is an amazing person—I’m so blessed to call her Mom. She believes in my writing when I can’t. She listens and advises me during my doubts. She keeps me going. She’s my cheerleader and biggest supporter. 

Friend, I really want to encourage you to find your core supporters, the people you can turn to when you feel stuck and lost. The people who will rally around you and support you as you press onward, hard as it may be. 

They might be family. They might be writing partners. They might be beta readers. They might just be friends. But they will keep you going. And you need people like that.

Take courage, dear writer. It is hard, but it is worth it. Press on. 

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