Writing life

How Far You’ve Come

Look back at how far you’ve come. 

I have a line-a-day five-year journal, where I jot down a sentence or two each day, and can see what I wrote for that day in the past years. A while ago, I saw my note from last year when my story “Dandelion Wishes” was announced as a finalist for the Havok Casting Call anthology. I’d been so excited, and so hopeful that my little story would make it into print (which it did 😊). 

Since that day, I’ve had seven stories accepted into five different anthologies, and am waiting to hear back about more. It’s kind of crazy how far you can come in a year. 

So pause for a moment. You may not feel like you’re progressing in your writing journey, but you are. Growth is hard to see in the moment—it’s slow and takes time. Look back. Your accomplishments may be “big” or they may be “little”—but they’re still milestones and achievements. Don’t compare them to someone else’s. 

Look how far you’ve come. 

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