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Writing Update!

How’s writing going for you, friend? Mine has had some ups and downs, but it’s going well. 

I got Brontide back from beta readers mid-January. While struggling through brainstorming edits, I realized that it had some issues at the foundation of the plot that were throwing the whole book off. So, that set me off doing a whole bunch more brainstorming. 

Currently, Brontide is set aside for the moment until I can bounce a potential plot idea off my brainstorming buddies. I haven’t set it aside for good—just while I give myself some more space from it. 

While Brontide is on “pause”, I’ve been working on a new book idea about a mermaid. This story actually started out as a short story for an anthology. My beta readers who read the short story told me that it needed to be a novel. I finally listened. 😉

And in not-novel news: I’ve had a couple of Havok stories published the past few months (and more coming!). I also had a short story accepted into a Sleeping Beauty anthology, and am waiting to hear back about a couple other anthology submissions. 😁

What are your writing updates? What are you working on?

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