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Newsletters (pt. 1)

If you’ve spent enough time in the bookish world, you’ve probably heard about writer/author newsletters. But what are they?

An author newsletter (sometimes also referred to as an email list) is essentially an e-newsletter in which writers typically give some behind-the-scenes peeks or updates about their writing, recommend books, and talk about life. They generally aren’t super frequent—monthly and quarterly are pretty popular sending times. Everyone does their newsletters a little differently.

Now, why as a reader should you sign up for a newsletter?

1. Newsletter subscribers are a crucial part of a writer’s platform. While an email list might seem a little dated in the social media age, publishers and agents want authors who have a solid newsletter following. Subscribing is a way to help a favorite writer!

2. Being a part of an author’s newsletter is like being in a core circle of supporters. Writers often share news first with their newsletter, and sometimes give behind-the-scenes looks and updates.

3. Bringing both of those points together, subscribing is a way to support and encourage a writer. I get really happy every time I see my newsletter subscriber list grow, because that means that someone is interested enough in my writing to want me to email them about it once a month. Subscribing is a free and easy way to cheer on authors and writers.

So readers, I challenge you to go find out if your favorite writers and authors have a newsletter list. If you’re already following newsletters, what’s one of your favorites?

PS: if you want to sign up for my newsletter, you can do so here! I send it out at the beginning of each month, and whenever I have a story published.

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