Pause. Take a breath. Slow down, dear friend.

Recently, I realized how I’ve fallen into rushing from one thing to the next. At work, I’m speed walking wherever I need to be, which is fine then. But when I done, I’m still hurrying. Sometimes it’s out of habit, and sometimes I just feel the pressure of needing to get everything done.

So I’ve been purposing to slow down. To stop and look around. To notice the wonder of the world I live in. To see the story ideas abounding around me. To smile and laugh. To take a breath. Chances are, whatever I’m tempted to hurry to can wait.

Life is full of seasons, and sometimes those seasons are full and require us to be busy. But don’t forget to slow down when you can.

What’s something that you’ve paused and enjoyed recently? I’ve been enjoying some foggy mornings. 🙂

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