Writing Resource: Stories are Soul Food

I have a podcast recommendation for you!

A while ago, I found the Stories Are Soul Food podcast hosted by author N. D. Wilson and editor Brian Kohl. And I love listening to it.

N. D. and Brian have fantastic thoughts about reading, writing, and how we think about books in general. To try and sum up the purpose behind Stories are Soul Food—stories affect and shape us. Why wouldn’t we think about what we feed our imaginations and souls?

Anyways, it’s a really good podcast. Even though I probably did a horrible job summing it up, you should listen to it. 😄 While I don’t agree with everything that N. D. and Brian say, their podcast episodes are insightful, challenging, and encouraging. Also, N. D. has some fun writing stories.

Do you listen to any writing podcasts? What do you recommend?

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