Let Yourself Dream

I’m a dreamer. My imagination doesn’t just come up with imaginary places and people; I dream of the future. I imagine plenty of adventures and exciting things happening to me—traveling to this place, meeting that author, signing a contract.

Sometimes I don’t want to let myself dream. I don’t want to build up hopes of something that could happen, and then be disappointed when it doesn’t. Sometimes I keep myself solely in reality.

But I think we need to dream. Dreams can spur us towards our goals and give us motivation. They can push us to do things we might not do otherwise.

So I let myself dream. I imagine crazy, almost impossible things, happening. And I remember in the back of my head that those dreams are just that—dreams. I don’t count on them happening. They just help spur me onward. And if they happen to come true? Well, won’t that be cool. 😄

What’s one of your dreams?

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