Writing life


How is life going for you, friend? If I’m being honest, life is a little crazy right now. I was traveling most of June, came back to visit lots of family, and am now helping my family get ready to move. It’s been busy.

I haven’t written in about a month. And right now, that’s okay. Because I’m not in a season where writing is my top priority. I can’t expect myself to churn out 2K a day, because I’m not in a place where putting those writing expectations on myself would be healthy.

Now, will this season last forever? No. And I know that I need to be careful about not being lazy and prolonging not writing. But I’m giving myself grace and space to be okay with not writing right now.

Life goes through seasons. Priorities have to shift and change. And it’s okay if writing has to step aside for a little bit. Don’t burn yourself out by pushing yourself too hard.

We don’t expect flowers to bloom in winter, because it’s not the right season. And if life isn’t in a season for you to write lots, accept that season, and look forward to the seasons of being able to write again.

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