Big News!!!

Remember how Dandelion Wishes was a finalist for the Havok Casting Call anthology? 

Well. . .

*dramatic suspense*

 Dandelion Wishes made it into the anthology!!!

You guys. I am seriously so excited and so amazed that this little story of mine is going to be in print! It’s going to be in a real book! 

When I wrote Dandelion Wishes, I had no idea this would happen. But it’s actually going to be in the anthology, featured alongside so many other talented writers!
If you want to read the entire list of the stories and authors who will be featured in the Casting Call anthology, you can do so here. I still can’t believe my name is on that list.

The e-book of the Casting Call anthology releases April 30th! And the print release will follow shortly! Make sure you follow Havok (@gohavok) on the socials to keep up to date on all the Havok news, including the launch party tomorrow night!

Also, I’m so sorry I forgot to post this until now! We can just consider this your friendly reminder to sign up for my newsletter so you learn the big announcements as they happen (instead of a month later….).

If you want a copy of the Casting Call anthology, you can find it on Amazon!

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