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Storyteller, Don’t Give Up

You were given your stories for a reason.

This post is honestly just a reminder for myself. But I figured I’d post it here. Because maybe you need to hear it too.

You were given your stories for a reason. Your imagination was made just the way it was by the perfect Creator. He designed you to see the world the way you do, to see the potential for stories everywhere.

Maybe you wonder if your writing will ever go anywhere. If your words are just black ink on a page, pixels on a screen. If your stories will ever touch someone. If there is any point to this. Should you really be writing?

But God made stories. He uses stories.

Maybe you’ll be published someday. Maybe you won’t. But if God has given you a story to tell, and you are being faithful, your story isn’t meaningless.

If it’s God’s will for your story to be published, trust Him that He will put your book in front of the person who needs to read it, who needs to be reminded of the truth you wrote.

And if your story isn’t published, it still isn’t meaningless. You are different because of the story you wrote. You grew. You changed. You were reminded of truths. And you got to go on an adventure with your imaginary friends.

So keep writing. Trust God. Be faithful, wherever and in whatever He calls you to. You were made to tell stories.

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