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February Recap

Is it almost the end of March? Yes. Am I just getting this posted now? Also yes.

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But to recap February!

Last recap, I mentioned that I was rereading Brontide before diving into edits. Well, I’m in the thick of edits now! Right now, I’m doing my first pass at a content/macro edit. A content edit focuses on the big picture details, like plot, characters, and worldbuilding. It’s a little overwhelming, to be perfectly honest. But last year I watched an encouraging webinar by Nadine Brandes and Sara Ella* about editing, and one of the things that I’m reminding myself of from their webinar is that the first editing passes are hardest, and it gets easier each time.

*Nadine and Sara host a monthly writing webinar, Head to Tome. Their writing advice is fantastic. The replay for the editing webinar I referenced isn’t available anymore, but the webinar they’ve done so far this year is! I haven’t watched the retellings one yet, but it looks amazing!

My current editing focus is nailing down some worldbuilding stuff before I tentatively start a second draft. After brainstorming some options to fix motivation inconsistencies and plot holes, I think I found a solution. Now I’ve just got to go over my solution and see if it’s riddled with its own problems. If it isn’t, I’ll type up a second draft of Brontide. If it is, back to the drawing board!

In neither Brontide nor February-related news, I’ve got two stories with Havok this month! The Phoenix’s Guardian was published March 11 (you can still read it if you’re a Havok member), and Against the Impossible will be published on March 24. I send out reminder emails to my newsletter list when my stories are on Havok, so if you don’t want to miss Against the Impossible, or any future flash fiction publications, go sign up! 😉

I’ve got some exciting news to share in my March recap, and I’ll do my best to get it published early April. So make sure you watch for that post. 🙂

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