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Write Knowing that You’ll Edit

What is a piece of writing advice that you love?

I don’t know if someone actually said this, or if it is something I can up with, or if it’s a combination of advice, but one piece of advice that I find especially freeing for me in writing is this: Write knowing you’re going to edit.

This isn’t an excuse for me to write poorly. But it gives me the freedom to write. It helps me to overcome my perfectionism and wanting to make sure that everything is right the first time. It stops me from doubting what I’m putting down on paper.

For instance, I dread writing climaxes and often struggle when starting new projects. I want to nail the climax and feel a ton of pressure as a result. When I start a new book, I’m not totally in the groove of the story yet, and I feel like I need to make the beginning perfect from the first draft.

Knowing that I’m going to come back and edit helps me to get over my doubts and perfectionism and get the words on the page. It keeps me writing.

What advice about writing do you love?

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