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Writing Update! (June-October)

So… I just realized that while I’ve been keeping my newsletter list up to date with a monthly writing recap, I haven’t done a writing update on the blog for a long time.


But anyways, here’s a quick summary of what happened in my writing life June-October!


I had the goal of drafting 70,000 words of Luck Streak in two months (April 21 – June 22). I completed that goal! Luck Streak wasn’t finished yet though; it still had several chapters left. My goal was to finish Luck Streak in July.

I also wrote my first ever flash fiction piece! It was about a cat, a dragon hunter, and a dragon. The idea had been bouncing around my head for a long time and after watching a Realm Makers 2020 session about flash fiction, I finally wrote it. And it turned out pretty well!


July was Realm Makers 2021, which was absolutely fantastic!!! Such an amazing time learning from industry professionals, meeting authors, and hanging out with friends.

Luck Streak did not get finished. In short, I was busy finishing up binge-watching Realm Makers 2020 sessions and then was gone to Realm Makers 2021. And then I didn’t get myself a deadline to finish Luck Streak.

Fact: I work way better with goals and deadlines.

So Luck Streak didn’t get finished.

But in happier news, I wrote my second piece of flash fiction!


I finished Luck Streak on August 13th!

I also wrote four more flash fiction stories—yes, I’m becoming a flash fiction writer. These I wrote purposely for Havok’s monthly themes, which leads into some September writing news…


I submitted two stories to Havok for their November theme! And both of them were accepted! I then got my first experience working with editors and using their feedback to strengthen the stories.

Most of my writing during September was actually doing edits for my Havok pieces.

I read through Luck Streak and made a list of edits to do.


I started some edits of Luck Streak but didn’t get too far into them.

While doing some research for Luck edits, I stumbled upon a piece of Irish faery lore about leprechauns that gave me a brand new story idea. Said story idea promptly decided to consume all of my attention and demanded to be written. So I decided to make it my NaNoWriMo novel.

Rather than create an actual outline for this idea, I did some brainstorming and very rough basic outlining, with the intent of discovery writing this novel during November.

I also decided to write two more flash fiction pieces in two days and then submitted both of them for Havok’s December theme the day of the deadline. Spontaneity. It’s fun!

And there’s a quick writing recap of the past several months!

How has your writing been going?

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