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I’m Getting Published!

No, it’s not a book. But, if you’re signed up for my newsletter, you might remember how I mentioned that I submitted to Havok and might have some more news about that?

Well, the news is that both of the stories I submitted to Havok were accepted, and are getting published in November!

My first story Mission: Babysitter is getting published on November 2nd, and my other story Babysitting Supers will be published on November 17th. Yes, they are both about babysitting. After all, they say “write what you know.”  😉

Now, Havok stories are only available on the website for free the day they are published; otherwise, you have to have a membership to be able to read them. But don’t worry! I’ll be sending out reminder emails to my newsletter list on the days that the stories go live. So, if don’t want to miss getting to read my stories for free, sign up for my newsletter to get the reminder emails! Plus, my newsletter subscribers are the first to get to know about the exciting things that I’m up to, and I only pop into your inbox once a month (expect for reminding you about Havok stories 😉 ).

So remember! If you want to read my flash fiction stories, they’ll be on Havok’s website November 2nd and 17th! I hope you enjoy them!

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