I’m back!

So I know that when I posted my blogging break announcement, I said that I’d probably come back to blogging around the beginning of December. And now we’re into January. Sorry.

But my long blogging break was good, and a little necessary. At the beginning of December, I was super busy with the Ink Drinker Book Box. By the time I had all of the Fawkes boxes packaged and shipped, it was just before the the holidays, and I used the time I had then to work a little on my newest writing project. And then Christmas came! I took a break from writing over the holidays and just spent a lot of time with family and unplugged from the internet. And that roughly brings us to the here and now.

So I’m sorry that my hiatus ended up being longer than I anticipated and told you it would be. But I’m back and ready to go now! I have posts coming about how my NaNoWriMo went, book reviews, and maybe a little bit about my new project. Also, just quick reminder that if you sign up for my email newsletter, you’ll be part of the first people to know about new things going on, like my newest WIP!

How was your December? I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! Did you get any new books?

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