Story Teller Facts!

I know that I have been technically working on Story Teller for a long time, even though I started writing it in April. And you all have gone about a year without knowing what this story is even about.

But that all changes now!

Yes, I am sharing the facts about Story Teller today!

Story Teller is a YA novel, loosely inspired by Arabian Nights. It’s currently still being drafted and is around 68,000 words. I have about three more chapters to go, so it will probably end up being a little short of my target word count, which was 80,000.

Right now, I just finished destroying my main character’s life, and am having to start putting it back together. It’s starting to near the climax, which is a little nerve-wracking. Writing climaxes is hard for me.

However, while all of this is giving you some stats and info related to Story Teller, it’s not giving you any information about the plot!

So, without further ado, here is the concept for Story Teller!

Araza has been destroyed. Those who weren’t killed in battle have been deported as captives to the country of Esaret. Scheherezade is one of them.

When Scheherezade and other captives arrive in the captive city of Saras, they learn of the game played by Suraj Amjad, the Esaretan ruler. Unless there is an Arazi person who will go to the palace every morning and impress Amjad with their talent, Amjad’s soldiers will take an Arazi captive at random to die.

Scheherazade knows that she is the only one who has a chance of pleasing Amjad and keeping her people alive. She can go to the palace every morning and tell Amjad a story. After all, her stories aren’t like anyone else’s.

But going to the palace will put her at risk. She might not please Amjad, and die as a result. And telling her stories might cause someone to discover her secret.

Scheherezade is Vatani–someone who has magic. And her magic is in her stories. All the Vatani were supposed to die years ago. If Scheherezade is found out now, she’ll die because of her heritage.

But Scheherezade can’t just stand by and watch the people she loves die. She will go to the palace, come what may.

And that’s it! A book about a girl with magical stories! Oh, and there may be some other fun characters involved.

I am actually writing Story Teller from two points of view. One of them is Scheherezade’s, and the other is Hassan’s, the Esaretan prince. Scheherezade’s POV is in first person, while Hassan’s is in third person. So that’s been fun to write.

What are your thoughts about Story Teller? I know the concept isn’t my best, but I felt bad for keeping you all in the dark about it for so long, and wanted to share it with you.

Hope your writing is going well friends!

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