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May Recap

Every time I write another monthly recap, I’m amazed that another month has gone by. Time sees to go faster the older you get. Which means that I’m, sadly, getting old.

Oh well.

Now, onto other, funner stuff!

Reading Recap

I read eight novels during May. May was a fun month for reading. The Story Hunter by Lindsay A. Franklin released during the middle of the month, which was super exciting. Seriously, I was dying while I waited for The Story Hunter to show up in the mailbox. And when it came, I promptly decided that I had nothing too important to do that day and spent the entire morning reading it. And it was amazing. I’m planning to reread it again soon, and read it slower this time. While reading a book in a day is fun, it is also nice to read books slower. I catch more that way. But The Story Hunter was amazing. The Weaver Trilogy is definitely one of my favorite series. And while I read some fabulous books during May (seriously, all of them were really good), The Story Hunter might be my favorite.

I also got to receive an Advanced Readers Copy of Dust by Kara Swanson! I bought Dust back in March with no idea that I’d get to receive an ARC, so getting one was really fun. Dust is a Peter Pan retelling/continuation. And it is really good. The character voices were amazing. Dust releases on July 21, and right now the limited hardcover edition is on sale on Amazon! So go check it out!

I am also part of the blog tour for Dust, which started on the first. But don’t worry! It’s not too late to follow along!

Y’all this blog tour is going to be so much fun. And there are prizes! Everyone who completes the treasure hunt in the blog tour gets cool book swag, and the very first person to complete it gets an ARC of Dust with special notes from Kara inside! So, follow along the blog tour, and remember to swing by here on June 23 for my blog tour stop!

To start the blog tour/treasure hunt, you can go to the tour kickoff here!

Writing Recap

I have decided that I am a horrible blogger. I am so sorry for not staying on top of this little website. I have made a rough plan though now to try and stay better at blogging. Thank you all for still following me even though I am horrible at this.

On a different, less-miserable note, I started an Instagram account! I am now a part of the bookstagram community. What that means in a nutshell is that I post lots of pictures of books that I like. I’m also planning to post somethings related to my writing and WIPs eventually, but I don’t have anything like that to post yet. If you would like to follow me on Instagram, I’m huntington.hailey.

Story Teller isn’t finished yet. I actually didn’t end up working on it very much during May. However, I am doing the Go Teen Writers 100 for 100 challenges (write 100 words daily for 100 days), and Story Teller is my 100 for 100 project. So, that will hopefully help me to finish it up sooner rather than later.

My new WIP that I’m doing for YWW Author is moving along nicely! My concept was approved and now I am working on an outline using the Three Act Structure. This is slightly different then what I’ve done in the past when outlining my projects, but it is going along well.

I am super excited for this new project. I already love all of my characters, and I haven’t even written them yet. This one is probably going to end up being a novella, but that is all right.

Last month, I left you all in suspense without any details about what my new WIP was except it was a fairy tale retelling. So, this time I’ll tell you what fairy tale it is off of.

Are you ready?




My new WIP is based off Little Red Riding Hood.

I had an idea for a story off of Little Red Riding Hood floating in my brain for a long time, and decided that my next project would be that. And here we are.

It’s funny though. I haven’t even started writing this at all, and it has already changed so much. My current premise for it isn’t anything like the idea I started with. So it has been fun to watch my story evolve and progress.

I’m hoping to be writing it by the end of the month. My first draft of my outline was pretty solid, so it hopefully won’t take too many tweaks until it is good and I am ready to start writing. I’m also hoping to have an email monthly newsletter up and running by the end of the month.

How has your writing and reading been going friends? I hope you all are doing well. Thanks for hanging around my little spot of the internet despite my inconstancy. I’m working on it.

Until next time!

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